Thursday, 12 May 2011

Excuses, And The Introduction Of Grak!

Sorry about the silence for the past few days. Things have been busy, and... Well, to be completely honest, I got Brink, and it's actually really awesome...

Anywho, back on topic! I figure it's about time I actually mentioned one of my more... err... in-depth characters that I've made. Grak Thumpfist. Also kinda hoping that he and his goofy stories make up for the absence.

He, like many of the orc race, is big, burly, and dumb. UNLIKE many of his kind, he's like a big puppy who follows orders to the best of his ability... though often times in much the wrong way... His thought process is also that of an orc, so instructions that seem simple are often misinterpreted.

For example, in one of the most recent campaigns he was involved in, he was a Paladin. A great big powerful, 'For The Light', paladin of Tempus... He had decided to follow the group on a whim (The DM was getting rather a lot of new characters, so I figured I'd be easy on him... Plus I didn't really have all that much to work with, but that's for another story.), and with his adamantine greataxe, managed to carve his way through every door, barricade, and creature that managed to get in the way of their quest. At one point in said quest (Which at the time, was to find some long dead heroes bones to make a cure for a plague...), we discovered a puzzle that had a pile of tiles in front of it with symbols on them, slots for the tiles, and a great big red ruby at the top.

Grak was all for bypassing such things as boring letter-y words, and unusable shiny rocks, but of course, the party was intrigued. We puzzled and puzzled and puzzled s'more (Well... everyone but Grak did... He sat down in the corner and waited...), and when the last piece of the puzzle had been set into by the druid...! ... ... ... his body slumped to the floor. The puzzle was a trap! Now the puzzle was to figure out what happened, so the dwarven fighter tried it next, taking his turn to slump over as the druid stood back up. Still we did not know what was happening, since the description from the druid was vague. Something about the world going red.

The rogue was next to try this strange phenomenon, removing the tile and placing it back into it's slot, only to slump over like the rest, returning the dwarf to his body. When the dwarf described the same sort of thing, everyone clued in that their consciousness', or SOMETHING from them, was being sucked out of them and into the ruby at the top each time the puzzle was completed. Grak, of COURSE, knew the answer to such a riddle. It was OBVIOUS. He smiled brightly at everyone, announced, "Watch, Grak show you how to fix it!", lopped the ruby from it's setting with his axe, and, to the utter shock of everyone in the room, threw it hard at the floor, shattering it into several thousand pieces... Unfortunately, the rogue did not get up after that. Turns out that it's bad to shatter a giant ruby when it's carrying someone's soul. Go figure.

Uh... So... Hope you guys are at least SOMEWHAT entertained by Grak's silly antics. Please tell me if not, and I'll cut him out of my storytelling... Err... Also comment if you DO like him, because feedback is always good. Night!

Edit: Oh, one quick thing that I wanted to add! Grak was, a 'paladin', but he wasn't REALLY a paladin. He still got in crap from his god like a paladin, but he wasn't exactly wise enough for the job. All he had was charisma, so he went with that. Didn't actually end up using any of his class abilities for most of the campaign, up until... Err...Well that's kind of another story, that I don't intend on telling now.


  1. i am so lost its ridiculous.

  2. Ah... um... What are you lost on? Perhaps I could elaborate?