Monday, 23 May 2011

Friday Night D&D: A Good Start! Also! New Book! EEEEEEEEEE! :D

Hi guys! Sorry about the no posting lately. I should really relay how my Friday campaign went, despite most of the players not showing up... but first! The Ultimate Magic book seems pretty damn good from a cursory look over it. Haven't had a chance to go in-depth quite yet, but I'll probably be mentioning it if I find anything over or under-powered.

So anyways, Friday's campaign...

The starting was rocky, seeing as the one experienced guy didn't show up, and his friend, the guy who wanted to play a ninja, didn't show up either... which left me with:
The Elven Alchemist (my little brother)
The Halfling Cavalier (the shortest kid ever)
The Orc Barbarian (the somewhat ADD kid)
The Gnome Summoner (my little sister)
I started them off with something simple. They were part of a guild of monster hunters, hired on by the city of Lastwall due to the fact that their crusaders were running a little low for their border patrol to keep the orc hordes from advancing, let alone to keep internal problems at bay.

They decided to take a job to investigate reports of children going missing in a small town near Northern Fangwood. It wasn't exactly an uncommon occurrence, but the only victims appeared to be children, which was somewhat odd... To get there would take six days of travel by foot, and there were not enough horses or other such mounts for everyone to ride, and so they walked. The first day turned to night, and so they camped.

While camping, on the last watch, the Orc Barbarian spotted something in the tall grass, not far from camp. He went to investigate, and found a horse, as nothing but skin stretched over bone, with not a single piece of meat inside, and two puncture wounds in it's side... Terrified, he woke everyone up and asked them about it. The summoner suggested it might be a giant spider, then went back to sleep, leaving the poor orc apparently scared witless.

Night became day once again, and the rest of the trip across the rolling plains was, thankfully, uneventful. They came to the small town, where they immediately split into two groups, with the Gnome and the Halfling heading to the mayor's house, and the Elf and Orc heading to the bar, apparently to speak with the bartender for information. They spoke with Thudd, the big green guy behind the bar, who was not subtle about the fact that he required some 'money' before he'd share his 'information'. They tossed him five gold coins and asked him for information on the missing children. He said to check in with the Johnson's, as their little girl had been stolen just the night before. They thanked him, and headed right off to investigate.

The Gnome and Halfling found that the mayor's house was quite empty. They chose to try and catch up with the others, so they headed to the bar, getting there only a minute after the Orc and Elf had left to go to the house. They paid off Thudd themselves, not knowing that the information from him had already been bought, and the much more charismatic duo managed to get quite a bit more information from him, such as the fact that this had all started no more than a month ago, and the fact that three other families had lost their children as well. The Smiths lost their two sons and daughter, the Cails had lost their son, and the Joneses actually burnt down their house after their daughter went missing, along with all of their belongings, before leaving the 'accursed' place.

The Orc and Elf were first to arrive at the Johnson's home, knocking to find that there were three voices inside, all heading toward the door! The mayor came out (it was obviously him, as he had more hair on the bottom of his head than the top), and was immediately confronted with questions, which he huffily replied to, "Out of my way, not right now!" as he headed back to his house, passing the other two adventurers along the way with the same responses. Soon after he'd locked himself in his home. The adventurers were invited into the home of the sobbing woman and the obviously thoroughly frustrated and also tearful man, who's little girl had been stolen during the night. They were led to the bedroom, where the window was left ajar, and unlocked, the closet was open, and the bed was quite a mess of sheets, with the pillow across the room in the corner beside the window.

The scene was described as the man hearing his daughter screaming, rushing to help, only to find that she was already gone... While this was being described, another scream was heard from across the house, and a thud, along with another thud outside that only the Halfling heard. The Orc and Gnome rushed into the room where the woman now lay unconscious, window open and unlocked, with a bloody night gown laid out on the bed sheets, a note written in blood atop it that said, "I'VE GOT HER." in chicken-scratch letters.

The session ended there, because people had to go, so they never really got to figure out what the thump outside was. Anywho, that's how that day went. Hope you guys enjoy reading all that text. :D TTYL!

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