Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday Night D&D: Planning, And Executing! Also, It Was On Saturday.

Wow... This has been, I'm fairly sure, the first time since I started this blog that I've actually been able to play D&D. That's a little bit sad, to be honest, since I have three weekly groups going at the moment... Mind you, that might be due to the fact that Mondays are cursed. Doesn't explain the other two.

Alright, so on Friday, I went to the house of the woman I mentioned in a previous post, the one that was going to be running a campaign for the first time. Got there at around... 8-ish PM, and immediately we started talking and planning and plotting. Overall, she seemed to have a pretty good idea of how to lay out a dungeon, and the things within it, she just needed help with the background of Golarion (the setting we're using), and the base combat mechanics of it all. At around 8 AM, I passed out and she went to bed.

Woke up at Noon the next morning, half an hour before everyone agreed they'd arrive at. After the usual shenanigans that go with the starting of a session (AKA: People being two minutes late, people heading out while the late people aren't there to get lunch 'quickly', so on and so forth.) and as expected, we didn't actually START until around 3:30-4:00.

In this campaign, we have:
A Human Sorceress (Newbie) (Current DM)
A Human Ranger (Quiet guy)
A Hobgoblin Fighter (Power gaming role player)
An Oread Inquisitor (Guy who plays things that don't make sense)
A Drow Rogue (Role player who doesn't understand the limitations of the system)
A Duergar Necromancer Wizard (Guy who plays dwarves)
A guy who's yet to tell me what he's playing (Guy who rarely shows up, if ever)
And a Tiefling Magus (Me! AKA: The guy who likes to be the center of attention)

This session, we had Newbie running the campaign of course, and we had the Human Ranger, the Oread Inquisitor, the Drow Rogue, and the Tiefling Magus (Me!) show up, which was as expected for a sudden, impromptu session.

The session started from where we'd left off last time, back at the Pathfinder Lodge (The place our guild operates out of) in Absalom (The city considered to be the center of the world). A young boy brought us a package, and disappeared out of sight before we could ask him too many questions. We found a device inside that, after some fiddling, was revealed to be a map! A map of the old city that had once stood where this little island was now located, with an X near the shoreline! Being the eager adventurers we were, we of COURSE set off on adventure, heading out that way to discover whatever we might, be it gold... gems... fancy magical items... or crazy, megalomaniacal  lunatics bent on world domination! Those last ones are always fun.

We found a puzzle, followed by a room full of wells which seemed to be water, tasted like water, smelled like water, and drank like water. Later they turned into crazy elixirs and potions, go figure. Found a few neat trinkets in that first room:
An unidentified enchanted crown
An unidentified enchanted book and quill
A bunch of gold
A bunch of gems
Already the quest seemed to pay for itself! We actually figured that this was already worth the trip, so some of us thought that we could skip out on the rest of the place and just enjoy our spoils of adventuring back at the Lodge. No such luck, of course... The great big stone door leading in was locked in place, so our only choice was to go forward.

We traveled along, discovering swarms of all SORTS of different rats, from the generic kind, to the really fat trundling kind, to the Donkey Rat variety, which are commonly either pets, or food in backwoods areas. We explored, and found that this place was most likely some sort of housing for the old kingdom's ceremonial staff. We found beds, and store rooms for food, and the book (being a diary) and crown appeared to have at one point belonged to past kings... We also discovered a collapsed passage way with SEVERAL loaded crossbow traps pointing down it's direction, that seemed to reload themselves after a second. Through our searching, we discovered a secret door that led into a room filled with darkness. Darkness, and flying squid creatures that liked to latch onto my head and try to strangle me. They were pretty damn good at it too! Next was a looooong spiral hallway filled with all sorts of traps, and then on the spiral outward, a big cube of living acid goo chased us! We eventually fired enough arrows into it to make it stop moving.

After all that, we discovered a room with our names on little plaques, in front of table settings, plates filled with food, and drink enough for each of us. We ate and rested (the drow was suspicious of course) before we continued on, discovered a room overgrown with foliage, and had to make a tactical retreat after a great big fly trap tried to gobble up me and the human ranger. That's where that session ended, at around 12:30 AM. Looooooong gaming day.

Gunna end the post here, since I don't want to be TOO long winded with my description, but not before I give thanks to the only two people who've left a comment on my last post, informing me to just keep doing what I'm doing. A big thanks to SNS and Green Bean, for reminding me that apparently people enjoy reading this stuff.

Night guys.


  1. i leave comments too </3

    fine! i'mma forget to leave comments from now on...i'll just come and look at your blog.

  2. Kiaden"for reminding me that apparently people enjoy reading this stuff."

    Gaston"i am so lost its ridiculous."

    Man, that comment was filled with encouragement and/or constructive criticism. I can see why you feel wronged by his lack of mention. :P

  3. Hey yuou forgot the docks before the foilage rooms :)

  4. Yes, yes I did... There were docks? *blink*