Friday, 6 May 2011

Hello Blogger People!

Well, dear Intertubes, I've been an avid D&D and Pathfinder player for the last... Um... Since I was... hmmmm... Probably about sssseeeeeven or eight years now... *shrug* Mind you, the Pathfinder came in a while later than 3.5 did, obviously.

Anyways, I've been in my fair share of games, most of which have been kind of short lived. Over the last few years, after moving away from the city where I had all these great games going on, I've gathered up a new group of friends of course... but they seem HELLBENT on not DMing, either due to laziness, an inability to read the rules (read: laziness), or the much more excusable reason that they would not be able to make it to most sessions. This has meant plenty of learning for me, as well as quite a lot of time to go through the usual pitfalls of Dungeon Mastering, and (hopefully) coming out the other side better for it.

Of course, I'm by no means a perfect DM, not even really a great one... Heck, I'd settle for 'good enough'. I've been told otherwise by my players, but I'm pretty sure they're just trying to sweet talk me into not stopping, and considering I've been going with my latest campaign for the last year or so, at one session a week, I'd say it's working.

What I believe that I've decided to do with this blog, is to recount my DMing experiences, to the best of my ability, and post new ideas to potentially get feedback on whether or not they're good. I've got a bit of reprieve time to get better, thanks to a 'break' idea I came up with that I suspect will spiral out of control after only a few sessions, 'Round Robin' DMing, where everyone at the table HAS to run the game for at least a session or two if they want to play, and they're not allowed to level their character until they have done an adequate job.

Also plotting to throw in a few of my more interesting characters that I've made along the way, their backgrounds, and a view inside their head. Kind of hoping that idea's enjoyed by more people than just myself... but then again I'm more or less typing this for myself at this point.

Sleep time is now. Night Intertubes!


  1. The pie was fantastic. I told a certain someone to pass that message along.

  2. I hope you will post all your players dirty little secrets. All of them.

  3. I will. Of COURSE I will.

  4. I look forward to your future entries, I've always been interested in learning about this game.

  5. Good to hear! I wouldn't mind making a post running through how to create a character.