Saturday, 14 May 2011

Friday Night D&D: Cancelled Due To Illness...

Yet more D&D has not been had by me... Ah well, luckily I have reserve material, I suppose.

So apparently, from the only response I've gotten thusfar, my Grak post was confusing... Um... I guess that kinda sucks. Hoping I get some clarification on why that is soon. Anyways, on to what I'll be talking about today... Kinda debating between a few things... Should I try to make this an interactive blog? I'll give it a shot, I guess. If I don't get any answers, I'll just kinda choose something...

Now, do you people want:
a) More stories about DMing
b) More stories about characters
c) Me explaining in detail how to make a character
d) Me attempting to explain in detail how to run a game?


  1. B), i like your writing, just keep going :)

  2. Dude, just blog about whatever you want to blog about. Also. A,B,C,D. Oh i really want you to blog about F as well.