Friday, 27 May 2011

Thursday Night D&D: Imadra The Kobold, And The Sea Sickness. Also, Question.

Actually going to start off with my question tonight, since it's more fresh in my mind... I've been asked on many occasions to run a 'high level' campaign, usually meaning something 10th level or above. Every time I have ever agreed to this, I've run into MASSIVE problems as a DM, such as the party being completely immune to things several CR higher than they should be capable of fighting, or being able to bypass anything that I may throw at them that they CAN'T take on through spells and/or class abilities and/or items. They don't even put in all that much effort to do these things, and it seems to make running the campaign and keeping it interesting significantly harder, from my standpoint. My question is, is this a common issue with high level play? Am I letting my players get away with too much?

Alright, now on to a recap of today's session (Also, there was no game on Monday.):
We started after a good night's rest back at the Pathfinder Lodge, got our pay for our last mission, found a new listing of missions, and took the one that sounded most like 'adventurer' work; an escort mission out to... somewhere... We didn't really get that much in the way of specifics. On the bright side, these guys seemed much more 'on the level' than those Brothers Grim guys we dealt with. These were the Brothers Slim (Yay for thoughtful Round Robin DMing! :D). Anyways, we set out after a rocky start of people not being sure that they were ready and all that sort of thing, in a horse drawn carriage, complete with rifle lookalikes to scare of bandits and the like...

We kept right on going until we got to a river, which we traveled across on a ferry, a rather sizable one... Imadra, my Kobold Sorcerer, succumbed to  sea sickness, and had to, unfortunately, stay outside all night at the edge of the ferry, so he wouldn't make a mess on the deck. We switched sea-fairing vessels at one point, I'm not entirely sure why, and Imadra nearly fell off a plank that was 'as wide as the wagon'. He would've fallen in, were it not for our trusty Cavalier!

We met eyepatch wearing guys. They were cool. Gave us soup. Ended up giving Imadra a neat little concoction that knocked him out cold, and when he woke up, he didn't feel ill any more! It was quite the thing, apparently a 'potion' put together using mostly fish for ingredients. They gave us food and soon enough sent us on our way, to no doubt battle with bandits.

Of course, bandits didn't attack, wild wolves did!

They went for the horses first, big easy prey that were tied to the heavy cart. Our Goblin Ranger tried his damn hardest to improve the mood of one of the wolves, but the wild thing just kept getting more and more pissed with him as he smiled at it and called it a good doggy. Sent it into a frothing rage he did. Our Half-Orc Cavalier made short work of one of them with his lance, setting in on the one attacking the horse next, while Imadra shot Ray of Frosts across the way at the wolf who was foaming at the mouth as it tore chunks out of our Goblin. Eventually they either fled or left, which meant that we had an unconscious goblin, a thoroughly bloody horse, and two adventurers that at least felt they'd done a good job.

That was where the session ended. The DM for today, our Gnome Fighter, was feeling tired, so I can't really blame him. Got a full time job and all that, in the mornings, doing manual labor.

Anywho, night guys.

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