Friday, 20 May 2011

Thursday Night D&D: Imadra The Kobold, And The Little Sneak Who Got Stabbed

Alright, so, last night was the first time in a rather long while that the campaign I have on Thursdays actually ran. Thanks to my Round Robin idea (which could still potentially flop at the slightest provocation), I didn't have to DM for that day! Unfortunately, the reason that we'd taken so long to play, was that two players in particular kept being unable to make it, one of whom was the only real meaty character we had in the group.

We resolved the issue via someone making a new character, and jumped right in to the session! We had:
A Kobold Necromancer/Ice Sorcerer (Me!)
A Gnome Fighter/Tinkerer
A Half-Orc Cavalier
The story begins with our little group accepting a job posting at our guild. An escort defense mission that might take a few days. We arrived at the scheduled meeting time, only to discover that the particulars of the mission had apparently changed. It had gone from an escort mission to a preemptive strike mission. We were still being paid 50 gold pieces a day (a pretty damn hefty sum), but now there was more to worry about, so our contractually minded Fighter Gnome came up with a new deal. We ended up earning twice the originally agreed upon money, as this was most likely going to take us a day, at most.

We headed off into the cave we'd been led to, which was littered with poorly spelled warning signs, such as:
"Go Bawck!" (Go back!)
"Armeh of Dewm!" (Army of doom!)
You get the picture. We pressed on ahead, and... found a place absolutely COVERED in what was described as 'refuse'... The scent was described as the foulest bathroom stall ever encountered... There was an unlit brazier (The fire container, not the 'other' container...) in the center of the room with coals in it, there was a set of stairs leading up to a single door, and there was a double door at the end of the room. We argued for a moment where the more important target might be located, with the Kobold insisting that we check the other rooms before we proceed on to the 'Big Bad Thingy' that was OBVIOUSLY behind the grand double doors. The other two figured that if we took him out, then we'd have a bit of time to go looting afterwards. Silly fleshies, always thinking they have so much time...

Anyways, we had the big one, the Half-Orc stand by the door, ready to open it, while the Kobold and the crossbow toting Fighter Gnome set up a shot on whatever might come through. The Half-Orc set to pulling, something fairly big started to push against the other side, and when it finally managed to wedge it's way through... the gnome missed COMPLETELY with the bolt I'd enchanted for cold damage, wasting it, and forcing the Half-Orc to take a swing as the giant beetle tried to fly past him. He managed to lop the poor beastie in half with one swing, before it'd made it very far at all... but it wasn't the only one in that room, and after three more of the things emerged, and two successful hits with that crossbow, we had slain all the big ones, with nothing but eggs to worry about in that room... Dozens upon dozens of eggs...

We decided that we'd check that side room now, as we were supposed to find a previous business partner of the brothers waiting outside, and 'dispose' of him, permanently severing their ties from him by doing so. As we opened the door, we heard a squealed voice from within, declaring us murderers, talking about how we'd 'Skooshed' his family and friends, and how much he hated us. We tried to reason with him. We really, really did. But he was hearing none of it as he hid from us... The Kobold managed to find a secret passage, and deactivation lever for a poorly designed trap, before sneaking along said passage to get in behind a sobbing, weeping form, and the strange metal device he was working at...

As soon as the Kobold was RIGHT up behind the creature, the metal thing began to move, turning out to be a mechanized snake of some sort... Probably an Iron Cobra, if you want to be technical. As soon as it'd left the room, the Kobold cast a spell to drain the very life essence from the figure in front of him, whatever it might be, and as he did, he leaned over it's shoulder and smiled, whispering in his sadistic little yappy voice, "Everyone and everything you know and love is dead..." (Yes, this is an evil character. :P) This got the creature to wet itself, and curl up into a pathetic little ball in the corner of the room, moments before trying a last ditch spell involving it's grotesquely large eyes bulging from it's head... Needless to say, it didn't have much effect, and coaxed a smirk from the Kobold. The Kobold approached his cowering prey, who made no move to stop him. He drew a gleaming dagger from within his robes, and...! Well, I'm pretty sure you can tell what happened next...

Meanwhile, in the other room, much struggling and fairly pointless clashing was going on between the iron cobra and the heavily armored Half-Orc, trading blows like nobody's business, attacking back and forth, neither taking much damage from the other. Eventually he opted to hold the snake in place, while the tinkering Gnome deactivated it.

And so we left the place, with the corpse of a Mite slung over the Half-Orc's  shoulder, each of us 50 gold pieces richer (Found on the body of the Mite), and potentially ready for a fight should our employers attempt to stiff us... Luckily they didn't, and the trip back to town was fairly uneventful.

Should be making another post soon about the campaign from tonight. See you all then! Enjoy this for now!

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