Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday Night D&D: Character Creation

Hello again, Intertubes!

Today, I went out to the local game shop, and made up a metric crapton (~6) of characters for newbies who don't really know anything about the game. I expect this campaign to be simple, and at the same time a complete disaster, but that's usually how it goes when nobody's played before.

I've got the usual guys, who want to play a big, gruff orc fighter, the ones who want to play something weird (ex. Dwarven Rogue), and the ones who want to play something they see on TV... Unfortunately, the one who wants to play something he saw on TV wants the thing he wants to play to be some crazy overpowered ninja thing... Proooobably going to just end up making him a monk or a rogue, and leave it at that...

As with most of the campaigns I've started/run for the past two months, I'm finding that the Low Fantasy setting for Pathfinder is leading to characters that are actually challenged by the creatures and... well... 'challenges' I send their way, which is good, because that's kind of the point of them in the first place. As a Dungeon Master, too often I've let my players create overpowered characters that run through my planned stuff in around an hour, then ask me for four or five more hours worth. I realize that it sort of sounds like I'm trying to get away with less work, and in a way, I am... Not really going to justify that by explaining myself.

Thusfar, we have:
Male Elf Alchemist
Male Half-Orc Fighter
Male Orc Barbarian
Male Halfling Cavalier
Male Human Monk or Rogue (Undecided)
Male Dwarf Fighter
Female Gnome Summoner

... I'm expecting half, rounded up, to actually show up on time next Friday. :P

Probably going to be posting experiences from my previous D&D campaigns later tonight, but for now Intertubes, have a good night.


  1. I know some people who have D&D gatherings, I really should spectate it, seems pretty interesting!

  2. I'd suggest giving it a try. Even if the session's a total flop, usually at least a few laughs are had, and that's generally what makes it all worthwhile.

  3. I've never really played either. Something i might have to get into.

  4. I might get into D&D, seems pretty neat