Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Monday Night D&D: Cancelled, Again... >.> Also, Reminiscing Again.

Well, that's two weeks in a row that Monday's campaign has been put off, last week due to the elections, and this week due to illness. Hopefully next week it'll work out, since I'm looking forward to seeing what the person who's completely new to running a session might have in store! ... Honestly, not expecting gold, but I'll take what I can get.

Actually, that reminds me of the first time I tried to DM. I went in knowing... well... the combat system of the game. That was it. That was everything I knew. From there, I suggested a silly campaign idea. "Hey guys, why don't you write up stats for yourselves, and play yourselves as characters? The idea is that you were sucked into a game world through your computers." Apparently they really liked the idea, even though it was a ripoff of... well... a LOT of things...

The first and funniest step was having everyone competing against one another in an attempt to figure out what their ability scores might be. There were arm wrestling contests, people comparing grades at school, people giving each other Charisma scores... Oh, and the holding of breath to test constitution... I was just sort of letting them do whatever to prove what their ability scores were, and at the time didn't really know what was considered 'high'... Chalk that one up to inexperience.

Anyways, what ended up happening was, for the first and only session, I just sort of winged it. No real planning whatsoever. Kinda bit me in the butt later in life, since that's still sort of how I run campaigns, but at least I have a GENERAL thought in mind now... Back then, I was just sort of spouting off whatever came into my head, like, for example, a hunter that spoke like John Cleese, who was quite silly, and mistook each person for a wildly different animal. He escorted them eventually to a grouping of ponds (Yep, straight out of Narnia... What can I say, it's a neat idea...), and coaxed them into jumping into one.

Once they'd actually gone through, they found themselves laying in the dirt on a road in front of a gate to a castle. The guards in front of the gate weren't all that talkative, but most of the party managed to find a crack in the wall behind a bush, and snuck in. Eli, the "IN WHAT UNIVERSE" guy mentioned in the previous post, decided to wander off by himself, into the woods... I scrambled for an idea, and came up with a plant that could communicate mentally, but only express base needs. Think Little Shop of Horrors, but without talking or singing... Anywho, the rest of the party got a front row seat of what the plant seemed to want, as it snagged up the non-talkative guards, upon Eli's direction, and dragged them underground, before sucking the nutrients from them. The rest of the party showed up, and Eli's little brother starts yelling at him about how the plant ATE people, and how they should kill. At this point, Eli places himself between the plant and the party, and says, "Dude! It's a freaking psychic plant! Shut up!". That was his whole argument. Personally, I thought it was an excellent point. :D

The campaign spiraled into arguing for the next half hour, which was fine since I didn't have any more ideas at that point, and then we never played it again... Oh well. I'm sure that the new girl's idea won't be as big a flop.

Alrighty, heading to bed now. Talk to ya later guys!


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